1.  School reopens in the month of April.


2.  All the students should carry school bag, water bottle and umbrella/raincoat (April-October). All the articles should be clearly labelled with name, class, section and roll number.


3.  Students must have the identity card (available from the school office), without which they will not be allowed to enter the school gate.


4.  Pre-Primary children must have a spare set of house dress in their bags.


5.  All the students should carry school diary and ID/Escort Card, duly signed by the Authority.


6.  For the safety of the students, all the guardians/ parents are hereby informed


        i)             to keep the ID/Escort Card in safe custody


        ii)           The person responsible for collecting the students should show the Escort Card at the time of collecting the students of classes I to V.


       iii)          Escorters are not required for the students of classes VI to XII. All students of classes VI to XII should carry their own escort card everyday.


      iv)          The school should be informed immediately, if & when ID/Escort Card is lost and get a duplicate one with a proper application.


7.  School diary should be properly filled up, with proper/ working phone/ contact nos. which may become necessary in case of emergency.

8.Guardians will drop/ receive their children at the school gate only


9.  The school gate will open 15 mins before the schedule time & no student will be allowed inside until the teacher on duty is present near the gate. No student will be allowed to enter after the schedule time the school gate will be closed after the scheduled time.


10.  The children must be collected immediately after the classes are over. Beyond the scheduled time the school is not responsible for the children, whatever the reason may be.


11.  All students must speak in English in school premises. Defaulting students are liable to punishment.


12.  Parents and guardians are not allowed to see their children or meet teachers during school hours without the permission of the School Authority.


13.  75% attendance is compulsory for every student to quality for appearing in Final Exam.


14.  All parents are expected to attend the parent-teacher meeting as and when called for.


15.  No student is permitted to take private tuition, whether paid or otherwise from any teacher/staff of Maharishi Vidya Mandir.


16.  No student is permitted to bring/use a mobile phone, camera, walkman etc inside the school premises.


17.  Students who are detected in giving or obtaining or attempting to give or obtain unfair assistance or who are otherwise detected in any dishonesty whatsoever during an examination or test are liable to have the result in the particular subject cancelled. If the student is guilty of repeating the offence he/she may be subject to any disciplinary action the school authority may deem fit, including expulsion from school.


18.  The Principal is empowered to direct the withdrawal of a student/s and/or remove the name of the student/s from the rolls of school if the progress and/or conduct of such a student/s in the opinion of the Principal is unsatisfactory. The Principal is also empowered to remove the name of a student from the rolls of the school, if the Principal considers it necessary for any reason to be detrimental to the interest of the school and/or the teacher/s or student/s thereof. The decision of the Principal as regards the aforesaid shall be final and conclusive. Parents/Guardians are liable to pay the cost of school property broken or damaged by their child or children and in addition disciplinary action may be taken when such breakage is wilful.


Children who are absent for more than two month (without any intimation to the school authority) are liable to have their names struck off from the school rolls.